Bliss Resorts

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Bliss Resorts is the perfect array of homey hues, a place of forest greens of nature and a space to calm and breathe. Enjoy your nature journey with us with organic, delicious food and fabulous guest service. The leisure facilities include a designer boutique, white water rafting, adventurous and fun activities, jungle hiking, cycling and outdoor open restaurant.

What We Serve

Bliss Resorts Kitulgala

It’s a wonderful experience for your family, colleagues, and friends to feel the nature and natural environment with a vast range of thrilling, adventure and fun activities. Just get reserved your next holiday!.

White Water Rafting & Water Sports

Jungle Hiking & Living the Nature

Thrill, Adventure & Fun Activities

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To Get One of a Kind Experience.

It’s a place where everyone can enjoy. Just select what you need and we will make sure to arrange everything for you.

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Bliss Resorts
Bibilioya, Kitulgala, 71720. Sri Lanka
Call: +94 77 291 9005

It's Relaxing & Fun

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A small relaxing break to your busy life.
It’s adventurous and fun.
To feel the nature with it’s true beauty.